Conference Status & Venue Information

Coronavirus has impacted the status quo of many industries and marketing, advertising, & retail are a part of them. Our priorities have shifted, and marketing strategies should reflect that change, which is why MARsum is here to help you keep updated on the latest developments in the industry and ensure the relevant communities that all the precautionary measures are being taken for the successful functioning of the marketing conference.

The MARsum conference will take place on June 29, 30 & July 1, 2021 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

We, along with MGM Grand, are working in line with the Nevada state authorities & regulations to develop a plan that allows us to welcome you back with confidence. Our team has spent a significant amount of time with health experts to ensure a memorable attendee experience.

The venue attests to its compliance with the highest hygiene standards. Its “Seven-Point Safety Plan” puts the safety of our guests and employees at the center of all the operations. It is an extensive and multi-layered approach, which includes a detailed checklist with regular temperature checks, enhanced sanitization and HVAC controls, along with other safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the safe resumption of the MARsum conference in line with local and international regulations.

Your health, safety, and security is our priority.

Conference Hall Safety Measures

Some of the preventive measures to communicate safely

Social distancing norms

Wearing of masks

Sanitisation protocols for venue

Thermal screening

Availability of hand sanitisers

Arrangements in buffet & networking areas

Restrictions on social gatherings

Cautious use of mics & other commons

Sanitisation of cars/luggage etc

Guidelines for exhibitions



  • People with COVID-19 should receive supportive care to help relieve symptoms.
  • Stay in touch with your physician. Contact your doctor before you get medical care.
  • Your local health authorities may give instructions on keeping a check on your symptoms and reporting information.

Stay Informed

Health & Safety Advisory

If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, feeling unwell, or any other weakness that could point to COVID-19, please seek medical care to help relieve symptoms.

Temperature checks are mandatory prior to entry. Your local health authorities may also give instructions to keep a check on symptoms and reporting information.

The conference will be held with strict standards of health and safety measures, which include wearing a mask at all times, social distancing, contactless communication, along with general hygiene protocols. We encourage all guests to follow these protocols as an individual responsibility.

*Event health and safety precautionary guidelines subject to changes as directed by the local authorities.