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A Guide To Promoting Brands At Conferences


Witty marketing strategies are extremely instrumental in making a business successful, especially those looking for international exposure. With decreasing attention spans of consumers and changing digital mediums, brands are investing heavily in their marketing teams to surge ahead of their competitors. Among the many mechanisms that will be employed by companies to learn the best marketing practices is to attend the most exceptional global marketing conferences of 2020-21.

Marketing conferences are vibrant spaces that bring the world’s foremost marketers, innovators, and technologists together. With invigorating discussions on the future of marketing, these conferences also offer infinite networking and growth opportunities. Along with this, businesses can also utilize such platforms to capture a sizable share of the global market.

But that’s not all! Organizations can actually end up getting a lot of leads and connections by marketing themselves right at conferences. If you are clueless about how to go on about it, then this blog is for you. Read on:

Utilize networking opportunities

Forge connections and expand your professional network. Walk up to attendees, talk about your business, and leave a business card with the attendees. If you can, carry your product with you (if it’s compact enough) and give a quick live demonstration as well.

Sign up for media promotions

A number of conferences run regular promotional campaigns on social media platforms. You can capitalize on such an opportunity to gain attention by signing up for exclusive brand promotions on their platforms. The upside? You won’t even have to put in a lot of effort!

In addition to this, you can also enhance your brand’s visibility by opting for offline promotions. List your company’s name on the conference’s deliverables by getting your brand’s logo and name printed on standees across the venue.

Award nominations

Apart from positioning your company as an industry leader, winning awards looks good on your company’s portfolio! It substantiates the authority of the brand and ultimately grants an edge over other market players. You not only bring an award home, but you also bring in new leads.

Many marketing and advertising conferences also honor the work of individuals and organizations that have left an indelible mark on the world at large. If you feel that your brand has been an agent of change in your industry, then make sure that you do everything it takes to get nominated!

Rent exhibit booths

Grab attention and promote your business by renting an exhibit booth at international conferences. By planning right and creating an attractive exhibit space, you will be successful in grabbing a lot of eyeballs. In fact, you might even end up closing a few deals!

These are just some reasons that make global marketing conferences of 2020-21 a must-attend for business owners who want to market their products and services. Make sure that you keep these tips in mind to assist you on your next conference expedition!