Welcome to MARsum: The Global Marketing & Retail Summit

MARsum is for all those passionate souls who wish to get empowered to tap into the massive potential of the global marketing and retail industry. As a forum which unites marketing aficionados, fashion and beauty consultants, retailers, and advertisers, we aim to offer a platform for networking and learning amongst a closed group of award winning peers from the industry. Our 50+ speakers, who are specialists in their respective fields, will uncover strategic insights to help you establish your position in the minds of your target audience. To satiate the inquisitiveness of curious marketers, retailers, and advertisers, we offer unparalleled opportunities for meaningful conversations and in-depth learning. These three days at MARsum Las Vegas, 2021 are for those who are yearning to explore the depths of marketing to build and strengthen their brand.

What We Offer

We provide innovative learning and networking opportunities for marketers, thought leaders, and organizations.


Get an opportunity to view the latest offerings of industry leaders and learn the ways in which it can benefit your business

Professional Interconnection

Come and be a part of a unique forum where industry leaders and veterans gather under one roof and network with them to explore the ways of advancing your business.

Financing Opportunities

As Venture Capitalists and investors are going to attend the conference, you can get the rare chance of seeking investments for your enterprise.

Advisory Board

Meet the masterminds who’ve laid the foundation of MARsum.

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    Arthur Viente
    Strategic Account Director - IBM

    As an expert in e-commerce and omni-channel retail, Arthur successfully integrated e-commerce platforms into both B2B and B2C platforms as part of a complete solution across multiple industries. Over the past 15 years, Arthur’s hands-on approach has focused on working with companies to help identify opportunities for continued development, build business plans detailing a path towards sustainable growth, and manage the implementation of these plans.

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    Dr. Mohd. Shoeb Ali
    Sr. Medical Officer - State Government (UP)

    Dr. Ali is presently working as a Government Medical Officer in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh where he is rendering his services to poor patients. Prior to this, he served at Dr. RML Institute of Medical Sciences for 3 years in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery as a resident doctor and managed post-operative and critically ill patients in ICU.

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    Mike Jenkins
    Advisor Founder & CEO - J6 Labs

    Mike Jenkins is the Founder and CEO of J6 Labs, a boutique advisory and idea incubation firm based out of Washington DC that helps companies around the globe use digital to accelerate their audience, reach, and revenue growth. Mike has spent the last 20+ years successfully working in the media space, advising clients on all aspects of their operations. Mike is an expert at e-commerce, subscription revenues, and emerging technologies such as voice.

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    Dr. Hemlata Sharma
    Director - CHS Convent School

    Dr. Hemlata Sharma is a veteran in the field of education with more than 30 years of work experience in the realm of knowledge transmittal. She established and successfully ran a Senior Secondary School ( CBSE Affiliated) for 25 glorious years, thereby contributing her best efforts in imparting education and social-moral values to children. Dr. Sharma is a keen philanthropist and actively participates in welfare of the society by promoting a harmonious environment for education.



What Attendees Have To Say About Our Events

Testimonials curated through MARsum Dubai, 2019.

“It’s been great so far. Getting to meet a lot of interesting companies. It’s been fun being here. And I am grateful for the award.”

Ryan Rivard
Founder & CEO, BeSpoken Management

“It’s been great, did a lot of good networking. I have had a lot of good conversations and have learned a lot.”

Walt Conger
Founder & CEO, Click Control Marketing

“It’s kind of an internet and technology conference, which is kind of a broad subject, so that has value in it because people are free to talk about all kinds of different things.”

Abid Shah
Co-Founder and President, Cryptek Labs

“I met a lot of people from all over the world — Japan, India, Dubai, and America... I’d recommend everyone to come to MARsum. Thank you for organizing this event!”

Mr. Jerry Rizal
co-founder of RichWorks International

“It’s really impressive. I never thought I’d meet so many peers in one place and these are all really awesome people. We have started to talk about future collaborations with at least two-digit numbers of them!”

Wayne Hsu
CEO & Founder of WWhat Digital

“Well, we have had lots of fun! It’s been amazing networking with different people and I think it’s such a light and positive environment.”

Gopal Aswani
Managing Partner of Precise Communications

“Everybody over here has been absolutely phenomenal. I love the concept of MARsum and I wish them nothing but the best in the future.”

Vivek Rangabhasyam
Managing Director of Markitome